Check out the 3 Extra Inches Penis Extension

The 3 Extra Inches is our best selling penis extension.  Consistently a top product for almost all of our customers, this is an often-imitated but original product to us that we started producing over 15 years ago.  As with all TSX Toys, you can purchase this item in any colour you choose from our colour chart.

And even better news, in addition to our phthalate-free PVC material, the 3 Extra Inches is also available in Platinum Silicone if you prefer!

To purchase this product for yourself, check out one of our stockists.

Have it your way!

We can make our toys in the colour of your choice, with your label instead of ours, at no extra cost.

We can also make the toy your way, with one of our added components such as:

  • Bullet vibrator
  • Red cap (cordless, variable speed)
  • Redi Lock to make the toy harness compatible
  • Double Redi Lock to join two toys into a double
  • Redi Lock handle
  • Suction cup
  • Cumming bulb

Just choose the items you want in the normal way and be sure to give us your instructions when ordering.